Why we exist

What did you have for breakfast today? Jam on toast? Fresh fruit or some grilled tomatoes with your fry-up? Maybe coffee? All of this was brought to you by bees.

Bees don't just provide us with honey – in fact, they’re behind much of the food we eat, including most fruit and vegetables. They are the most important polinisers and are crucial to our economy – without them it would cost UK farmers £1.8 billion a year to pollinate our crops.

But bees are disappearing due to a number of reasons: pesticides, climate change, spread of disease, and habitat loss.

Responsive image Data source: The British Beekeepers Association

Our mission

In a world without bees, our food would cost a lot more to produce and our economy would take a big hit!

The Bee Project are encouraging people to make their gardens, streets and communities bee-friendly and take action to secure effective government action too.

Join us!

Let's ban neonics for good

Since 1900, we’ve lost around 20 species of bees in the UK alone - and a further 35 are at risk.

Neonicotinoids – or neonics – are systemic pesticides, which means they are absorbed by every part of the plant – from the roots and stem, to leaves and flowers. When a bee feeds on the pollen or nectar containing neonicotinoids, the neonic can damage its nervous system and motor function, affecting its feeding, navigation, foraging and reproduction.

Some of these pesticides have already been restricted across the EU. Post-Brexit, we're campaigning not only for this ban to stay in place in the UK, as well as for it to be extendend to all neonics.

Plant this

We're making London a more bee-friendly place by planting wildflowers in otherwise unused public spaces using seed bombs. This is called Guerilla Gardening. We're going all out (within legality) to make our city a better place for everyone!

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I've recently got into beekeeping and became aware of how much our actions impact bees' health, which made me want to start this project!

Joana Esgalhado, Co-Founder of the Bee Project

I love honey and I have always been passionate about the environment and the idea of making cities greener!

Madeleine Vironda, Co-Founder of the Bee Project